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Continuously improve product quality, strengthen management to reduce product costs while , L & Y focused on providing customers with high-quality pre-sale and after-sales service , always with the customer needs for the purpose , and constantly meet customer multi-level products using different working environment requirements. Services mainly L & Y is:

Pre-sale services : In L & early customers and Y co-operation , L & Y can provide integrated design , product selection suggested sample testing , installed the test track , proposed product trial summary and improve measures to ensure the product is fully applicable to customers using mining, in addition , to help customers open markets and enhance brand , L & Y in typing, packaging and so can fully satisfy customer needs.

(2) Sale of services: in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality system process , we especially focus on the production process control products , the quality of the customer's requirements and implement improvements to the manufacturing process , so that customer satisfaction and product quality continued to improve.

service : the customer receives the product or product use, technical quality engineer L & Y will provide testing services as needed , including technical principles , instructions for use , storage, storage, installation notes , lubrication and rust , use of a series of technical and service support quality analysis, from customers to worry .

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